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Forget jumping the wiggles

August 22, 2014

today she “walked the pricklies”



any idea?



give up?



oh ok, she walked over the gravel in her bare feet … something I struggle to do as it does hurt … every determined step she took holding her sandals high as if wading through a fast flowing river and not wanting to get them wet, every determined step made me flinch … she wanted to walk to the car with no shoes on … so she did … and spent the rest of the day telling people about her achievement.

Comparatively speaking

August 14, 2014

Hope has started to compare things … the best example I can give of this is from a short car journey this afternoon to visit a friend.

From the back of the car I heard a small rumbling sound. The kind of .sound that is normally followed by our little joke,
“Was that Mummy’s bottom?”,
“no, Mummy it was Hopey’s bottom”,
followed by a delighted, “Hope make farty noise”.

I know I know … and I’ve never said the word infront of her, I talk about her having windy buttocks … but the little phrase “farty noise” is one she’s pounced upon and it always makes her chortle.

Today, I turned to look at her over my shoulder (when we pulled up at a traffic light),

“Was that Mummy’s bottom?”,

“No, Mummy it was Hopey’s bottom”, she replied … and then the rumbly sound came again.

Silence in the back.

Then, a little voice piped up filled with wonder, “MUMMY MUMMY, Hopey’s bottom like THUNDER”.

Ten minutes later there was thunder outside, just before we turned into the quiet lane where our friends live, it rumbled round,

“Hopey not scared thunder Mummy, thunder like Hopey’s bottom, thunder funny”.

A few minutes later the rain and the storm came, small person beamed up as I was unstrapping her from her car seat, rain pelting down on my back, “Hopey happy Mummy”.

And so the day continues …

What have you done?

August 8, 2014

For a while now she’s been brushing her own teeth, diligently squeezing a tiny spot of toothpaste on to a Hello Kitty toothbrush which her aunt gave her and carefully brushing top to bottom, side to side, up down up down, teeth together and so on and then rinsing the brush and standing it up on it’s plastic suction type end by the side of the sink.

Earlier she announced she needed to brush her teeth, “off you go then”, I responded distractedly wading through a mountain of back emails …

ten minutes later I thought she was being rather quiet but guessed she was reading one of her bathroom books.

I wandered into the bathroom, “aaagghhhhhhhhhhhh Hopey what HAVE you done?”

“toothpaste Mummy, I squaggled it, see … and drawing”, she responded very proudly.

Not many surfaces were left unsquaggled … lots of neat little swirls of toothpaste and a mural on one wall … a rainbow apparently, lots of toothpaste arches.

Took a while to clean up!

Quite potty

August 8, 2014

We’re not potty training yet but there is a blue plastic potty upstairs and another one downstairs … from time to time over the last month she’s sat on one for about 2 seconds and then leapt up announcing, “no wee wee”, “no poo”, and although she asks to be naked from time to time, especially in bed in the morning if we have a breastfeeding snuggly lie in, she generally asks to wear her nappy.

Nappies are something Hope enjoys, she pats the front of them proudly and potters around tummy out looking pleased with herself. She’s never made a fuss having her nappy changed and is always fascinated by the contents and keen to share the news, “no poo only wee wee”, or “big poo” and so on.

This morning we were both a little tired after a late night flying back from Ireland and we had a big lie in, a big cuddle and she drank a small lake of milky and then played her favourite, I’m going to poke your nipples in as far as they can go game, after which she announced, “milky tidy”.

I heaved myself out of bed and suggested that she sit on the potty while I go to the loo. She trotted into the bathroom with my cell phone in one hand, looking at pictures of our visit to the emerald isle and came back with the potty in the other hand. She set it down on the floor infront of me.

I did a wee, she looked up and grinned, “Mummy did a wee”, and then, she did one too … she looked quite surprised and then absolutely delighted with herself. She bounded up and had a look in the potty, “look Mummy look, Hopey done a wee in potty, GRANBY come see, Hopey done a wee in potty”.

All of which made me feel quite emotional!

We wiped from front to back, threw everything down the loo and she has dashed off downstairs to tell Granby all about it.

As I type she’s just called up, “Mummy, Hopey want nappy on”, so I must go and sort that out. Sorry for the toilet nature of the post but it is a milestone and I felt it needed to be marked!

The whole potty training thing fills me with fear, I’ve seen friends have timers and whisk children out of activities to ensure they are plonked on potties at exactly half hourly intervals, seen people with potties out for walks and so on, ultimately it’s whatever works for you and your child, but I’ve always felt that growing up as a toddler is exciting and overwhelming enough without the added stress of being forced to wee on demand and the guilt and so on, so have been fairly philosophical about it happening when she’s ready and I’m planning on sticking to that approach.

Right, off to give her a big hug and a nappy!

Something to smile about

July 31, 2014

every time she says it …


“what are you doing Mummy?”

“ironing” (a once in a very blue moon occurrence)



“what’s man doing?”

“flying a kite”



“what’s that Mummy?”




“I missed you Mummy”

“I missed you too”



“Hopey made cheese dogs, and cheese cat” (not cheese scones this week but cheese dogs, which were delicious even if the kitchen took an hour to tidy afterwards!)

“they smell lovely”

“OH” pauses “have one Mummy”


“I love you Hopey”



“It’s a lovely day”



“It’s stopped raining”

“Stopped raining, splish splosh … OH”


“OH”, seems to be the response to most things at the moment!!! Said very firmly if a little quizzically and thoughtfully with her hands on her hips and her head slightly on one side.

It’s increasingly followed by “Why?” which is in turn followed by “Why?” and so on and so on … all of which makes me smile … but then so do most things she does!



“I need one”

July 26, 2014

It’s started! She often announces, “me like it” when she sees things that please her in shops, or when we’re playing with friends. Somehow though, until now, she’s not made the association between asking for something, a shop, the act of buying and it being her.

Until now.

Her friend has one with Hello Kitty on it, which makes her mother and I laugh as they are a vintage family, very free of any kind of branding, another friend has a sturdy boy style one, and the children we see in the park have them, with bright orange wheels and shiny handlebars. She looked on with a look of yearning last week, managed to persuade one of the little boys to let her have a turn and beamed proudly as she flew along the path. When it was time to leave she got a little upset, “Me want one, please Mummy please”.

Then it happened, we were in town, walking along and all of a sudden she said, “Mummy carry me”, I bent down and picked her up. She kissed me and said, “love you Mummy”. “I love you too “, I replied, she kissed me again and then beamed, “We go to shop and Mummy buy me scooter? Please Mummy? OK”. I was a little taken aback and said vaguely, “maybe one day”. Which met a stern response, “No Mummy, now, need scooter, need one now. OK?”

I managed to distract her with counting apples on the market stall and we headed home. She had a snooze and I checked my emails. There it was, an email asking me to do a product review, I get them from time to time and haven’t ever done one because the products never seem to be quite right. This time however, there it was, a scooter … and not just any scooter one with Minnie Mouse on it.

Now, I’m not a brand person either, but I was given a stuffed Minnie Mouse at the BritMumsLive conference a few years back by Disney, one of their sponsors. I put it in the bottom of the toy box and forgot about it. Of course Hope found it and Minnie has long been one of our bedtime companions, so the idea of a scooter and her favourite cartoon character combined was too good an opportunity to miss.

I didn’t tell her it was coming.

It arrived today.

We’d already had a busy morning paddling in the sunshine and she was sleepy, but she spotted the big plastic bag it came in (efficient home delivery service), “What that Mummy?”

We opened it up, and she saw the huge pink box and the pictures. “Mummy, it’s Minnie, Minnie in the box”.

Minnie Mouse Move n Groove Scooter box

Minnie Mouse Move n Groove Scooter box

I sat her down at the table and went and got her lunch, and told her that the contents of the pink box were mine until she finished her lunch, she has never eaten avocado, ham and beetroot so quickly, “yummy lunch Mummy, have present now?”

By then I had removed the instructions and the handlebar, “ooooooh”, she said, “pretty”, and promptly started to try to peel off the flower sticker that was on the end of the handlebar.

She then said, “Open it Mummy” and asked me to take off the plastic strip with flowers on it on the stem (wrong word probably) of the handles … it took me a moment to realise it wasn’t tight packaging but actually the decoration, I’m not convinced it will last long as there is an edge which looks invitingly pullable, but she enjoyed counting the flowers while I foraged in the box.

2014-07-23 14.32.43

open it open it

sticker looks a bit too easy to peel off

sticker looks a bit too easy to peel off


easy to assemble

easy to assemble









As it turned out I didn’t need the instructions, there are only two pieces to her new Minnie Mouse move n groove scooter, and they fit together in a really easy insert and click kind of way, and once together the scooter seems very robust.

It was at that point she clicked it really was a scooter, that the scooty party was covered in pictures of Minnie Mouse, and that it really was for her; she was delighted.

“Mine scooter, mine Mummy, not yours, mine.”, she turned to her Grandmother, ” Got a scooter, mine, Mummy gave me scooter”, and attempted to scoot on the gravel. That didn’t work well so she picked it up, it is almost as tall as she is, and carried it very painstakingly into the garden (it is robust and light weight which will be a Godsend when it comes to trips to the park which is a short walk away) … again not the best place to scoot, but she insisted and wouldn’t let go of it. She managed to scoot a little way, testament to the sturdy design and free spinning wheels, and then picked it up again. We headed round to a flatter surface and she gleefully scooted off. “Watch this Mummy, WHEEEEEEEEEEE”.

all ready to go

all ready to go

We spent the next half hour playing with her new favourite possession and then she declared herself to be “me ‘sausted Mummy, my sleepy” … and now she’s having a snooze.

The scooter has a clever tilt mechanism which turns the wheels, she’s probably a little small for that (the scooter is designed for small folk of 3 and upwards) but she was delighted to watch while I did it and then climbed on and tried to tilt and turn herself.

We will give it a good run tomorrow in the park, and she can whizz along like her friends there.

So there you have it, a pink scooter covered in flowers and pictures of Micky’s friend has made a small person very happy. The scooter sells online at AsdaDirect at £25 which I think is a bargainous price for something that will give her lots of enjoyment (albeit without the stickers which she has now already tried to peel off), and also the skills and confidence to graduate, in time, to an inline two wheeled one.

I’m going to have to buy a pair of running shoes to keep up!

and she's off ...

and she’s off …

Up early

July 25, 2014

I was up early this morning, following a late night working on an important piece of work which had to be delivered today.

I crept out of bed and left Hope, who’d climbed in at some point for a milky repast, fast asleep, a small starfish clutching her stuffed rabbit.

An hour later I heard a noise at the office door, looked round and there she was. Standing in the door all tousle headed with a big grin and dragging her pink ‘blankie’ behind her. She marched over, dropped her blankie, said, “hello Mummy, stop working! Hope love ooooooo. Milky …”, and dived straight under my top for a snack.

What a wonderful way to start the rest of the day, another of those images to store away in my mind for when she’s older and no longer announces her waking up in such a lovely fashion.

Right, time for a snack downstairs and it’s hard to lean over the top of her and type while she’s standing up feeding beside me her hair tickling my armpit and her other arm and very pointy fingers foraging around to see if there’s milky on the other side.